Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Doggie Digs - Day 16 of 31 Days of Bloggging

We got the kennel moved this weekend and went to Wal-Mart after church to buy some more paver bricks so we could puppy proof it. It's just outside of the garage on the way to the chicken coop so it will be a lot easier to put her up and get her out with the garage light shining out there. The hose will reach it now too so all the better.

She also got a brand spanking new Petmate Dogloo. It's pretty cool. Grace decided to give Belle the tour.

We told Grace she should spend the night in it and make sure it was nice and comfy. She declined. It will be nice to put Belle out there during the day while we are gone though.

The rest of the afternoon was spent staining. Woo hoo (that was a sarcastic woo hoo if you were confused). Bryon is off three days this week because he has to work the weekend so he should get it finished up for the year. It's looking awesome though...

He does windows too but I don't think he'll be wanting to hire out anytime soon.

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