Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Bonus Post - Day 31

This was Halloween 1972 for Mike and I. I'm pretty sure he was a clown. I think I was an old lady ... with a lot of junk in the trunk. You can't get more homemade costumes than these. I'm sure we got scads of candy. We never went door to door because for one we lived in the country. There is no door to door in the country. Secondly, someone might put a razor blade in your apple. Of course what self respecting trick or treater would EAT an apple when there's an entire pumpkin full of candy to eat. None that's who. No Halloween apple ever passed these lips.

My folks took us around to the same family rotation that we did for Christmas. All the grandparents. In 1972 we would have had both sets of grandparents living, and four sets of great grand parents still alive. Lowers, Hoods, Rices, Cacy's. That's a lot of candy my friend.

Tonight Bryon had to work late so I took Grace to the Marshfield Square after school, then to Trunk or Treat at two local churches, the Orchelin parking lot and finally Gary's apartment complex. It was quite a haul. I told her she could eat all she wanted tonight then to pick out one small zip lock full to keep and we would disseminate the rest between our workplaces and where ever else we could find to dump it.

If she kept it all, we would have candy until next Halloween and I'd have about the same amount of junk in my trunk as that 1972 costume. Not cool.

So now it's upstairs to watch some grownup Halloween television then off to bed.

Bring it on Thanksgiving.

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