Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Wobbly Tooth

Grace and I were at guitar lessons tonight and suddenly she stops everything to tell me she has a wobbly tooth. Sure enough, her bottom TWO teeth are loose. One is much, much looser than the other but she is so excited she can hardly stand it.

She's been a chatty Cathy ever since and plotting ways to get it out sooner.

Bryon went in with string and pliers while she was taking her bath and asked her which hand she wanted to pick then pretended he was going to pull it out. When I finally told her he was teasing, she wanted the real deal asap. She opened up wide and asked for the string and door knob.

I'll bet that tooth is out by tomorrow night for sure!


  1. Losing the first one is always a dramatic thing!LOL .. Wait so was the last ones!!!

  2. How funny! I'll bet her eyes got wide when presented with the choice of pliers or a string!


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