Sunday, January 27, 2008

Grace's first outside bike ride

It was warm and nice today and we took Grace up to the Jr. High parking lot in Marshfield to ride outside for the first time. She's been the Queen of the Kitchen riding for sometime and had been asking to ride on the road so today was the day thanks to Daddy's good idea!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beauty Queen

Grace and I both got haircuts at the beauty shop yesterday. I've been cutting her bangs and doing a poor job so I decided it was time for a professional. Nana had taken her to the beauty shop in Bolivar once before for a trim of her bangs but she had never had the back cut yet. Yesterday was the day! I only had them trim the bottom fuzziness off but it really shaped it up! She was so proud of her haircut and the girl asked her if she wanted her hair curled, well yeah! Grace was so proud of her curls I told her I'd take a picture of them when we got home. We may have created a monster though, she's going to want those curls a lot more I'm afraid, ha! She said it looked like Mama's now :)

Speech Therapy Begins

Well after much deliberation we've opted to pay for private speech therapy for Grace. She had her first visit from her "special teacher" on Monday. Cammie Hefflin is a licensed therapist and works for Marshfield schools AND goes to our church so I called her up and she agreed to meet with Grace on her own time. The best part is she'll go to First Kids and meet with her there so no travel is involved for Grace and she's in an environment where she's comfortable. Cammie said she did great and was a riot. Well of course! :) I asked Grace about it and asked if Cammie showed her any pictures and she said no. I asked if she talked to her and Grace said, "A LOT!" Pretty funny.

The whole school system thing was not working out to my satisfaction. They wanted her enrolled in their preschool (understandable) but it's only a 3 hour program from 8:30-11:30 am. How was that going to happen? If I was a stay at home Mom or just unemployeed then sure, but not the case for us. They had agreed to allow their resource officer to transport Grace to daycare after the little preschool program was over, but I wasn't too keen on that. Too much possibility for stuff to happen. It made me very uncomfortable. Another problem was I can drop off Grace from 6 am - 6 pm at First Kids but usually get her there around 7:30-7:45. They were going to have the cooks at the school watch her at Niangua for an hour before school started...what? I don't think so. To their credit, they did "try" to come up with a solution, but I'm not leaving my 3 year old in the care of the cooks and the resource officer. Crazy. Of course all that would have been FREE and now it's going to cost about $50 a week for her therapy but I'm thinking that it is money well spent.

I don't know what I'm going to do when she actually starts school in Niangua. They are just now getting a grant for the first time for an afterschool program. They previously haven't had any afterschool care. What are working parents supposed to do? These are problems I had never considered before having a child.

I'm looking forward to seeing some results for Grace because she gets so frustrated when I don't understand what she's saying. This morning she said SOMETHING I could just NOT make out and I asked her two more times and finally she just said, "I'm not talking to you anymore, cause you don't know!" I understood that! I'm sure it won't be fast, but the sooner the better for us all :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sick, Tired and Tornadoes

Well I'm finally back to work. Saturday I started feeling achy and then by the time we finished dinner at Nakato's with Bryon's work friends I was toast. I couldn't wait to get home and get to bed! I had a fever for four days and missed two days of work but finally went back yesterday. I went to the doctor on Monday and they said I had a virus and I'd get better or worse in 5-10 days. That was helpful. Thankfully I'm finally getting better. No more fever, but lots of congestion. Bless his heart, Bryon has been great. He's been taking care of Grace completely and taking her to school and picking her up and fixing meals. It's a good thing because things would have gone to hell in a handbasket quick if it had been left up to me!

In the middle of all that, Monday it was 70 degrees and that meant storms in January. They started around 3 pm and didn't end until 5 am Tuesday. Niangua was right on the track for wave after wave of them. We were in and out of the closet all night. Our power went out at 9 pm and blessedly came back on ten minutes before Bryon had to get up and get ready for work. At least it wasn't cold too. January has not been a good month the past two years! Ice last year and tornadoes this year! Thankfully we had no damage. Just some tree limbs down. The WIND was really scary about 3 am. I thought we were in for it then, but thankfully no. We have several acquaintences who suffered total losses and others with all kinds of damage. Bryon is going out on Saturday to help where he can. One of Grace's cooks at school lost everything. Their less than a year old house is totalled.

It's crazy. I'm sure glad we were spared. You can see some of the damage in our area at

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Binging and Purging

The Binging:

Despite my good pre-Thanksgiving intentions to pare down this Christmas it turned out to be the most expensive and excessive Christmas ever. Best laid plans and all... We had our immediate family (Mom, Dad, Mike, Susan, Mawmaw Rice, Bryon, Grace and myself) at our house Christmas Eve. Mike didn't get off until 6 from the Evil Empire (Wal-Mart) and got to our place around 8:30. Grace was VERY patient. I don't think she really knew the carnage and excitement that was about to occur. She did, however, know that there were presents under the tree for her. When Mike arrived she launched into this dance. It was pretty cute :) She had sooooo many gifts it was insane. I didn't think Bryon and I had bought too many "Santa gifts" until Christmas morning and she had so much stuff she didn't even want to open them anymore. Next year we are vowing to do better and not get so laid plans and all.

The Purging:

On another note, I took the whole week off, which was WONDERFUL and took Grace to daycare a few days so I could get some stuff around the house done. I moved her room from the blue room to the green room (much bigger) and turned her old room into an official guest room. It's really great now for her and Nana! It took me 5 hours to move all that stuff by myself. It was exhausting but worth it. We are going to look for a used bedroom set for the guest room. I cleaned out cabinets and drawers and all sorts of nooks and crannies throwing stuff away and collecting it for the spring garage sale. It felt good to get rid of that stuff especially after our excessive Christmas. I'll keep plugging away at the purging until I get it all done. I do love a project :)