Friday, August 31, 2007

Big Girl Bed

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I finally got Grace her big girl bed! It was $800 which was pretty darn expensive but it has a twin trundle underneath for future sleepovers. (Nana is going to try it out this weekend!) and it has three drawers on the bottom. It is sturdy! It is also REALLY TALL! I have to leave the trundle out for Grace to climb in and out and as a buffer incase she rolls out of bed (which she has never done to my knowledge).

I was worried that first night because she had been really excited about her big bed until it was time to sleep in it. Daddy had to wrestle her into it and make her stay. I was ready to cry and take it back! Now a week later, she's doing great and we're on to the next stage of life!

She loves making it up in the morning. I'm sure that won't last, but it's really nice right now!

Monday, August 20, 2007

10 Pounds Down

As of Friday, I've lost 10 pounds on WW :) I'm pretty excited especially since I haven't been able to exercise at all yet. I just can't get it worked into my day! Twenty five more pounds to go! Bryon is slowly starting to get on the bandwagon too. He'll eclipse me as soon as he gets going, but that's okay. We both need to lose to be healthier.

Several of my friends are doing WW too so that's really helping since we're all in the same fat boat together, ha!

Toy Purge

Grace and I cleaned out her toy room yesterday and made a big sweep of the house purging it of baby toys. She was pretty happy to "give her old toys to the babies" and was actually a little over enthusiastic at times. I had to take a couple of things OUT of the crate!

We had a HUGE tote full of toys that filled up my trunk to take to the consignment shop and to donate. I doubt we'll get much out of them, but they were all given to us so no big deal. I just felt good to get rid of some of that stuff!

I'm pretty ate up about wanting to move her bedroom to the green room and get her a big girl bed. Shelia Samek is due in January so I'm going to give her Grace's baby bed. I just like change I guess. It's that female, gotta move the furniture curse :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Alice Cooper Goes to Hell ... Or At Least It Felt That Way

Bryon and I went to the Sedalia State Fair Saturday night to see Alice Cooper. We had seen him together about 16 years ago in Kansas City and Bryon and Greg saw him while we were all in college. That man is like the Dick Clark of Scare Rock, he just never ages. He looks exactly the same!

It was SO dang HOT up there! It was close to 100 degrees all day and the sun was so intense it was almost unbearable. We had GREAT seats only 12 rows from the stage. It was the second best seats I've ever had at a concert. If it had been inside and air conditioned it would have been PERFECT!
He played a great variety of old and new songs and had a much tamed down stage show since he had very little room to work with but what a great performance. Greg and Candace went with us and we had a great time catching up with them. Candace had never seen him before and I was a little skeptical that she would like the show but she was rocking out over there and really praised his overall showmanship. It was NOT her type of music, lyrics or show but she was a real trooper!
There was a drunk girl beside me who was WAY too friendly and practically leaned on me they whole show. Like I needed another hot sweaty body next to me! Lots of drunk old rockers but a good time was had by all. Blue Oyster Cult opened for them. I only new about three of their songs, but they were okay.
Candace and I had to stuff kleenex in our ears it was so LOUD. I know, I know, that means I'm getting old. I admit it. It was much more tolerable with the kleenex :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lake Leisure

I had a great weekend with my girlfriends at Lake of the Ozarks. Liz's brother has a 1950's lake house there and seven of us girls went down there over the weekend for some much need rest and relaxation. We shopped and bobbed around the dock and ate and talked, talked, talked.

I actually got to sit unmolested and dig through my new diet cookbooks and read magazines. It was nice. I was, however, hotter than hell because the house only had air in one bedroom (not the one I was sleeping in!). Somehow I managed not to melt and we just had a great time.

I needed about a WEEK of that, but two days was pretty nice.

Grace stayed with Nana and she was really happy. I told her last Monday that she was going to get to go to stay with Nana and she was so excited but every day when I picked her up she thought THAT was the day and finally on Thursday when I went to daycare to get her she said, "I go to Nana's house now" and I said no not until tomorrow and she just broke into tears. She has my lack of patience I think!

Bryon is going to buy a new bow so he spent the weekend shopping around and trying to find the perfect deal. He still hasn't bought one but he has it narrowed down.

A good weekend was had by all despite the fact we were in three separate places :) Sometimes you just need some time away :)