Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paranormal Problem?

I'm not sure what this says about me but I walked by my night stand and recognized a theme. No wonder I can't lose weight.. Mmmmm ... Yummy.

The Big Six!

Grace had yet another fabulous birthday party on Saturday. We sort of cheated and had her birthday party at the Imagination Station in Marshfield instead of the house this year. It was great! We did minimal house before and after and there weren't twenty screaming kids in my house, ha! We just had a Halloween theme this year and the kids all wore their costumes. They had a blast.

I made a Devil's Food pumpkin shaped cake and strawberry cupcakes for the non chocolate lover set (nuts that they are). 

Grace was pretty excited to be six.

After the party, three of the girls came home with us for another sleepover. The were the same three that stayed in the summer. They all made it through the night but I had to divide them up to get them to sleep. Two in Grace's room and two in our room on the floor.

They were all really good. You can see that Bryon got wrestled down and had a makeover done on him. That my friend is about every color of eye shadow in the case and a whole lot of lip gloss covering his head and face. He's such a good sport and the girls just loved it.

The first memory I have of Bryon is of him in the Junior High hallway surrounded by girls...hmmm...I guess some things never change :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Grace has been asking for a real bow and Bryon got her one a couple of weeks ago. It was expensive. It is a pink camo Bowtech Diamond. She loves it. The good news about it is that it will grow with her and when she's a teen and stronger we can send the bow back to the manufacturer and they will replace the limbs with longer ones making it an adult sized bow. She still needs help holding it while she pulls it back, but the more she practices the stronger she'll get.

She loves shooting it and Bryon loves being out there with her. She usually hits the target so they are both pretty excited about the possibilities.

I hadn't had my bow out in about SEVEN years. In fact, the case was covered in sawdust and cobwebs when we finally tracked it down out in the barn. It's an old Bear bow and Bryon about laughed his ass off when he saw it come out of the case. I had an old flipper arrow rest on it and he was appalled! He's gone through three or four bows since we first bought my Bear and his first bow years ago.

I knocked some arrows and shot a nice tight group at 10 and 20 yards thank you very much. I was actually sort of surprised and it did short of give me the bug to want to shoot some more. There used to be an archery shop with a range in Nixa when we lived in Highlandville and they had a shooting league one year. We participated and we both got 1st place trophies that year in the competition. It was fun.

He thinks I'm crazy to not want to hunt and complains that he used to have a wife that hunted with him. I tell him, I have put in more hunting time through the years than any other wife he knows. He's still disgruntled. Turns out now I'd just rather sleep in, stay warm and enjoy some peace and quiet while they are out chasing things around the woods.

Who's crazy now my friend.

You Might Still Be a Redneck...

My friend Lynsey has been competing in lawn tractor pulls around the area and we finally made it to one of her pulls a couple of weeks ago at the Marshfield Saddle Club. It was pretty fun and some of the kids got longer pulls than the adults. They had all sorts of crazy modified lawn tractors and some stock ones too. Lynsey's is pretty stock but she still one a 3rd place trophy that night.

I guess we are just ensuring our redneck status doesn't fall to the wayside.

Looks like we are pretty safe.

Happy Halloween

I dug out all of our fall stuff and Grace put her interior decorating skills to good use. She even made the little Happy Halloween banner across the front. Pretty good job I think!