Monday, July 30, 2007

Weight Watchers

So here I go again. Trying to lose weight. I've lost 30 pounds once before and it's time to do it again. I was lucky I didn't gain much weight with my pregnancy with Grace, however, I started out the heaviest I'd ever been! Here are the numbers: the first time 14 years ago I was at my heaviest ever 153 pounds. I know, it's some of ya'lls goal weight and you don't have any sympathy for me but fat is fat no matter where you start or want to be. We all know what will make us happy and feel better about ourselves and our bodies and for me the magic number is 135.

That first time around, years ago, I got down to 125 but I felt pretty insignificant. Not strong at all! Just skinny. I looked good, but I want to be strong too. I lost weight that time by walking and eating about 10-15 grams a fat a day. That was a DRASTIC, too drastic probably, decrease in fat. I traded fat for carbs (lots of pastas and rice) but it worked.

Slowly, over the years it started creeping back on as it always does, that insistent monster. I was pretty active until we moved to our new house then all activity ceased. My good walking trail and roads were gone and Niangua was too far away from Sequiota to make the trip. My job changed (territory) and my eating habits plummited too. A fat making combination for sure.

Then I got pregnant at the fattest ever weight of 163. If it hadn't been for morning sickness the first 4 months and then gestational diabetes, I would have been 200 pounds for sure! Thankfully I was 177 when I delivered and back down to 166 not long after, but I've been hovering around 170 ever since.

Grace will be 3 in October. I can't blame it all on baby weight anymore. Time for action!

I joined WW on the 16th of July and I've lost 7 or 8 pounds (depending on the day) and I'm going to make it and keep it off! I'm finally determined. I finally talked myself into deserving to look and feel better instead of deserving cheesecake. Boy do I like cheesecake. And chocolate. And sweets. I think I'm a sweet-a-holic. I can't have just a little and stop. I have no self control with it.

The next step is exercise. It's hard to stop being a slug. Objects in motion (or lack of ) theory and all. I may never be an athelete, but I'd like to.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

An All Nighter

I remember now why I don't stay out and party anymore, it's not necessarily the booze that gets you, it's the staying up all night.

I had gone to the release party for book 5 a few years ago and wasn't planning on going Friday night for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

At the last minute I decided to attend the Harry Potter festivities around town. Bryon kept Grace and I stayed in town after work.

I went to the 5th movie (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) which was GREAT! I just barely made it to the early show that night and got a perfect seat amongst a crowed house. The movie was better than the book for me. The 5th book was my least favorite. It could have been at least a hundred pages shorter if she had just cut out some of the bitching about homework etc. We got it, he's a surly teenager...give it a rest.

After the movie I went downtown and met up with the White Family (Tina, Kevin and the boys) and we checked out the supposed Harry Potter festivities. Not much really going on. I all sounded better on paper than it actually was. The kids had some Butter Beer at the Moxie (which turns out is cream soda and butterscotch flavoring) and we all headed over to Borders.

The parking lot was PACKED! There were HUNDREDS of people there! It was about 8:30 by the time I made it to Borders and I saw my friend Dawn there too and we hung out a while. I finally found some books and magazines and settled onto a cozy piece of floor to wait it out until midnight. By this time I was committed. I wasn't going home without a book! I had stopped by on my lunch hour to get a wrist band just in case, so I could line up when the time came. My band was silver, second on the color tier from the top. Only later would I learn there were 150 bands given out per color.

At midnight it was pretty much chaos. No one would move from their spot. They had all 5 or 6 checkouts going but I realized pretty quickly it was going to be at least another couple of hours before I could get my book PLUS another hour home.

I gave my wrist band away to a lady who was low on the book totem pole and high tailed it over to Wal-Mart where I got it $3 dollars cheaper in about 5 minutes! I didn't end up getting home until 1:30, and not to bed until 2 am. Bryon was settled in and snoring like a freight train so finally I made up the futon and slept in the spare room. I got 5 hours of sleep that night.

Good thing this is the last book! I'm too old for this stuff :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Clover Flowers

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Grace loves clover flowers. She picks at least one every morning as we walk into daycare and says "For you Mama". Some days when I come to pick her up in the late afternoon, she's got a whole bundle of them wilted and waiting for me that she spent her entire recess outside picking.

You can't get much sweeter than that!

Monday, July 16, 2007

School Bus Dream

Grace is all about the school buses these days. She REALLY wants to ride one! I thought she was going to get to the last time we went to Silver Dollar City on the way back to the parking lot but we got the trolley instead!

She can pick out a school bus from a LONG way away too! She'll be sitting in the back seat quiet as a mouse and suddenly pipe up "School bus Mama!"

I made the mistake of telling her that when she's big she can ride a school bus. Now everytime I tell her she's getting big she says, "I ride school bus now!" She's relentless too. That girl wants to ride!

Her 3rd birthday is on a Tuesday, Oct. 23 and Bryon is going to see if the bus will stop at our house and pick her up that morning so she can ride to big school (with one of us of course!). She'll go nuts if he can get it worked out! I have a feeling that won't quell here desire to ride but will only likely make her want to do it again, but it will be fun!

I Know...

Grace has been saying some really funny stuff lately. She's started offering alternate suggestions if she doesn't want to do what you're asking her to do or eat etc. For example, I said, "Here Grace you can have a fruit snack or a granola bar," and she thought about it a bit and said, "No Mama, here I know...apricot." Like it was the most obvious choice possible!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Little Princess Camp

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Grace went to her first "camp" yesterday. We spent three hours at Little Princess Gymnastics Camp in Marshfield at Head Over Heels where she goes to class every Tuesday night. She had a blast!

There were 17 little "princesses" . It was nuts! Grace was pretty much the youngest and the only princess in black. It was the only outfit we had with a frilly skirt! They read a story, painted fingernails and toes, made foam crowns with glitter glue and accessories, had a tea party and pizza lunch, jumped on the trampolines...a LOT... watched a movie and played to exhaustion. I don't think any of the cried all day.

Grace was asleep before we got out of Marshfield! She had a big day!

Float Trip?

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Believe it or not this was our "float trip" last weekend. We went down the Osage Fork of the Niangua River which is just about 5 minutes from our house. We figured with all the rain of late it would be the best time to try it. Well let me tell you it was the most VEGETATED float of my life! Yes we saw snakes! I saw one big one on a tree and the others saw several in the water. Glad I didn't see those! Grace did GREAT! She loved it. Bryon bungied her little chair to the middle of the canoe and she rode in style. You can see she also enjoyed lunch and pretty much constant snacking. The girl loves her snacks! She's her mother's daughter in that sense :) The "float" took about 4 hours and about 1/2 of it was just like this picture. The rest was actually slightly moving water, two little rapids and one rocky waterfall! We had Two big log jams to navigate through. Bryon and Steve had to move logs on one of them and Steve just muscled us through the other. Steve Craig, his son Ryan and his fiance Kasey went with us. Julia had to work.

Grace sure had fun on her little floaty spinning around and floating down the river. She still hasn't taken a big dunk yet so she's pretty fearless.

This was about 1/2 of the trip we want to do. This trip was from Twin Bridges (at Letterman's Farm) to Hamilton Bridge. Our next portion will be from Hamilton Bridge to Rader. It should be bigger water but we'll probably have to wait for another toad strangler before we can attempt it.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Everyone Loves a Parade

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Yesterday, the Fourth of July, we went to the 123rd Annual Marshfield Independence Day Parade. There were probably 2,000 people there and it was HOT, but pretty neat really. I hadn't been to a parade in a LONG time. It was Bryon's idea. A pretty good one too :) Grace loved it because they threw candy to her. One little girl a year younger than her kept bringing Grace her candy too. So when we asked Grace what the best part was she said it was her balloon (helium filled) and that "The baby gave me candy!". Gotta love the simplicity of a helium balloon and candy :) Of course this morning she cried because the balloon was no longer floating and she wanted another one. Kids!