Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting Our Freak On

A week and a half ago, I moved the Cornish chicks to the barn because they were WAY outgrowing their tub. I filled it up with pine shavings and set the heat lamp on top. They stayed out there several days and then last weekend Bryon helped me truck them outside. I kept the lamp on them for a couple of nights (actually Bryon had to because I was in Bolivar helping with a garage sale). So far so good. No more lamp and I've been scooting them around the yard every day. It's ridiculous how MUCH 13 chickens can poop! And EAT! They are 33 days old and have gone through two 40 pound bags of chick starter ($11.99 a bag). I don't think I want to do the math on how much they are going to cost to eat. Oh, what the hell, let's!

13 Cornish Cross Chicks (they gave me one free!) = $25.00
Chick starter = $12.00
Chick starter = $12.00
Lumber for chicken tractor = $18.00
Electricity for 250 watt heat bulb 24/7 for 3 weeks? Really, who can do that much math? I figure so far that makes them about $5.15 each. I'll probably have to feed them two more bags of feed so that makes it $7 each. Is that right? Please feel free to correct my math. I was an English major after all.

Anyway, they'll be tasty, and depending on how things go on butcher day (probably the first weekend in June)I'll get some more in the fall. about some goats?

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