Thursday, January 28, 2010

Artistic License

Monday I worked from home and picked up Grace when school was out. She watched some Sponge Bob upstairs on the big screen while I worked for a couple more hours in my office. Finally she got bored and came in to do some artwork.

The picture above is what she presented to me from her easel. It's our family. I'm the big one on the left, Daddy is in the middle and Grace is on the right.

Now, I think you can see why I was a little more than curious about the DADDY picture. I pointed to the long hangy down thing in the middle and said, "What's that Grace?"

She said, "It's a tie. Boys wear ties. And girls wear dresses"

Well, yes they do. Mystery solved.

She went back into the living room for another round of Sponge Bob and then a few minutes later she came back in and said "Mama, did you think that tie was Daddy's potty box?".

Well, yes, yes I did.

Then we had the talk about how we wouldn't WANT to draw people's potty boxes on our artwork, right? Right.

Grace said, "Well I didn't really know HOW to draw a tie."

It looks fine, I said.

I let Bryon approve this post just in case he had a problem with it. He said, hey whatever it is, it's long, so why not.



  1. ROFLMAO She is her mothers daughter. And tell Bryon that the proportions of the body as opposed to the "TIE" is beyond belief. But if it is close, all I can say is "WOW" lol B

  2. Oh my gosh Lisa...I so needed that laugh! I have to say, I will NEVER be able to look at Bryon the same way again. And probably not without laughing!

  3. Thanks for the laugh, completely needed that after the week I've had.


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