Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Acts of Housecleaning

So I gave up my housecleaner three weeks ago. Again. Jan 1 to be exact. What do you ask could possible convince me to perpetrate this on myself? I want to go to Italy. Bad. Actually I want to go ANYWHERE I can get a stamp in my passport. I got my passport in 2000 so I could apply for Survivor. Obviously this was pre-child, pre-sanity and 20 some less pounds ago. Now everyday is Survivor. I'm just not on television which you'll agree is a good thing if you've ever seen me after several days of hiking (again, another life ago).

I chose Italy because I love Italian food (hence the 20 plus pounds, well maybe a few brownies and cheesecake also contributed to some of that). Either way, I've never met an Italian dish I didn't like. Well except anything florentine which I discovered the hardway means with spinach. Sneaky.

I asked Bryon if he wanted to go and gave him the right of first refusal before I asked my friend Dawn. Bryon said he'd rather go on a big hunt somewhere. Hmmm, sitting in the cold for hours and hiking up and down thousands of feet of hostile terrain or eating something cheesy in an Italian's a hard call for me. Dawn and I plan to go the summer of 2010. Soooo, I'm trying to save enough money for the trip. Housecleaning costs me $100 a month. Something had to give.

The problem with cleaning the house myself is many. First of all, it never really feels clean . I'm randomly going around cleaning something here or there when I have a moment but rarely an entire room or let alone the entire house at once AND Grace or "someone" is constantly going around behind me making another mess: toys, animal bedding tracked in, catfood hawked up, something all the time and it NEVER ENDS. I just have to keep going to my happy place.

I think it might be in Italy.


  1. Lisa, that sounds like a great plan. Go in May! Far fewer tourists and beautiful weather.

  2. Thanks for the advice. Have you been there? When did you go and where? We have no plan yet but I already have $1,000 saved! Woohoo!


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