Monday, May 25, 2009

Man Cave

When Bryon's Dad moved back to Missouri in February he lived in the cabin for a few weeks. We hadn't cleaned that cabin in about 5 years, so while Bryon was going to and from Nebraska to move his Dad back, Grace, myself and Tammy cleaned up the cabin and got it presentable.

Gary only stayed out there a few weeks and then moved into Marshfield into an apartment with heat, air AND running water. None of which our little cabin has. Bryon was so excited to see the cabin all cleaned up he decided to turn it into a Man Cave. Since all the space he has left in the house is basically his side of the bed, one little closet and a third of our big closet, I figured that was a pretty good idea.

He, Gary and the Huggler men have it fixed up pretty good now and they even built a shooting bench and shooting lane off to the side of the house for target practice. He even had Grace out there shooting. She's just one of the guys at heart. A tomboy with a tiarra.

As Man Cave's go, I'd say this is a pretty nice one.

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