Saturday, April 19, 2008


We had a successful garage sale this morning despite the windy cold weather! Bryon helped me get the trailer and truck loaded up last night. The chickens spent the night in the laundry room because we couldn't put the garage door down since the trailer was so long. We had a FULL trailer plus the truck bed and back seat full of stuff. We got there at 7 to unload and sold the jungle gym and the electric truck first thing! Then hardly anyone else came until almost 10 am! I was starting to sweat because I did NOT want that stuff coming back home. Let me tell you, we were making deals and slashing prices. We had the sale right on the Garden Club Square by City Hall so we had primo visibility for Niangua. It's directly across from Hannah's so several of their customers came by. I sold $200 worth of junk and donated the money towards the establishment of the library. A couple of other board members brought a few items and we made a total of $241. We packed up the leftovers at 1:30 pm and went and had cheeseburgers and fries, and Reeces cups at Hannah's for lunch. Yeah it was real healthy I know. I only actually came home with the booster seat, the bouncy seat, a kid carrier backpack, two trash bags of clothes and three boxes of junk. All of it is going up to the school next week for a giveaway weekend they are having in May. What a relief to purge all that stuff!

Bryon and I took of on Friday and we spent the day running around. We went to the SW Treatment plant and bought a load of MOJava compost for our block beds. We wanted to get it all but it was so wet and heavy we could only get enough for one bed. That means another trip to town in the gas guzzling truck. It cost $60 to fill it up. That makes for some expensive compost! We also bought a red bud and a japanese maple tree plus a bunch of other junk. We took Grace to daycare in the morning and picked up her in the afternoon. I found the short handled shovel for her and we all shoveled the compost off the trailer into the tractor bucket. I love that tractor.

Bryon is outside now working to get electricity to the chicken house so hopefully they can spend the night out there tonight! They are READY!

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