Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Futon

Well I've stayed up too late again. Bryon is already asleep (10:15 pm) and snoring like a train. I've had to sleep on the futon in Nana's room two nights this week already and it looks like I'll be moving in again. Usually if I can fall asleep before or with him, I can sleep fine, but last night he woke me up snoring and I could NOT fall back to sleep. I just get mad and shake the bed and apparently drop the FBomb on him. He says I'm mean but I can't STAND IT! Just when I think he's going to be quiet, his nose trumpet goes off again.

I have to admit I sleep like the dead on that futon. It's REALLY comfortable and quiet in here. I told Bryon this is how old people end up sleeping in separate bedrooms!

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