Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Earning her keep.

Pansy earned her keep a bit more and redeemed herself after her previous mousing misadventure. I've been leaving the back door open while I traipse in and out messing with my chicks and I guess a mouse squirted in because tonight I went to give Grace a bath and noticed what I thought was bugs in the bottom of the bathtub. Well I started trying to wash them down the drain and caught something out of the corner of my eye amongst the bath toys. A DEAD MOUSE! I was DISGUSTED and jumped about 10 feet. I did manage not to scream so Grace was oblivious. I got some paper towels (A LOT) and scooped it up and threw it outside. YUCK! Did I ever mention I hate mice? I can't believe she killed it. I had been chewed on a bit. Now I know why I also got to clean up cat puke when I walked in the door tonight. In retrospect, it was worth it. I'd rather clean up cat puke than to have to chase a mouse around the house again. Now I just hope it was the only one!

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