Friday, January 30, 2009

Angry Snow Girl

Tuesday was a snow day for us on the Medley Farm. It was slick and yucky and looked like it might get worse so I stayed home with Grace and attempted to "work from home". You can imagine how well that went. Let's just say I could hardly wait for Daddy to get home. I spent most of the day anxiously praying that the power would stay on.

It did.

Wednesday gave us about 6 inches of snow and when Grace woke up she came running in and announced that there was enough snow for a snowman. Bryon stayed home Wednesday and entertained Grace all day with games, Wii, sledding and finally these snowmen. We used prunes for the eyes and some baby carrots for the nose. They (Daddy) did a great job! Grace, however, was not too hip on posing for pictures because it was REALLY bright out there and she melted down and started crying because she didn't want to smile. So here we have an angry snow girl instead.

You win some, you lose some.

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