Friday, August 31, 2007

Big Girl Bed

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I finally got Grace her big girl bed! It was $800 which was pretty darn expensive but it has a twin trundle underneath for future sleepovers. (Nana is going to try it out this weekend!) and it has three drawers on the bottom. It is sturdy! It is also REALLY TALL! I have to leave the trundle out for Grace to climb in and out and as a buffer incase she rolls out of bed (which she has never done to my knowledge).

I was worried that first night because she had been really excited about her big bed until it was time to sleep in it. Daddy had to wrestle her into it and make her stay. I was ready to cry and take it back! Now a week later, she's doing great and we're on to the next stage of life!

She loves making it up in the morning. I'm sure that won't last, but it's really nice right now!

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