Monday, August 20, 2007

Toy Purge

Grace and I cleaned out her toy room yesterday and made a big sweep of the house purging it of baby toys. She was pretty happy to "give her old toys to the babies" and was actually a little over enthusiastic at times. I had to take a couple of things OUT of the crate!

We had a HUGE tote full of toys that filled up my trunk to take to the consignment shop and to donate. I doubt we'll get much out of them, but they were all given to us so no big deal. I just felt good to get rid of some of that stuff!

I'm pretty ate up about wanting to move her bedroom to the green room and get her a big girl bed. Shelia Samek is due in January so I'm going to give her Grace's baby bed. I just like change I guess. It's that female, gotta move the furniture curse :)

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