Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kiss That Frog

Okay so this is actually a toad I think but still...

Grace found it the other night and carried around for a while until I finally convinced her to release it back to the wild before it leaped to it's death from her hands. She really has a good eye for wildlife just like her Daddy.

I'm pretty sure she really did kiss the thing. No Prince appeared but her Daddy did come home shortly after. He would argue that he's more of a King than a Prince I'm sure.

 She and Grandpa found these frog eggs in a giant pool of water behind the pond. Her teacher asked us to bring some of them in in an old jar so we collected some and took them in this morning. I have two milk jugs full of puddle and pond water to take tomorrow for their class aquarium so they can see if the become tadpoles and then frogs.

There might be a whole bunch of new pets to take home from class soon.

The spring peeps have been just as noisy as ever. The first night the temp was anywhere near the fifties, they started up and have just been gaining intensity ever since. 

One time some of our city friends were at our house and it was the year that the cicadas were at their 17 year peak. You could hear them going to town INSIDE the house. They were very loud. My city friend couldn't believe it when she was going out to her car, she said "It's noisy in the country!" Well.... yeah. But at least it isn't sirens, garbage trucks and teenagers peeling out and blowing out their car stereo speakers. 

Some noise is just more tolerable than others. 

Give me the country noise anytime.

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