Thursday, August 5, 2010

F@$#%&# Dog!

Most days Ruger's actual name is F@#&^%$ Dog Ruger! And trust me, the F doesn't stand for Fantastic or Funny.

He is constantly pulling clothes off the line when I hang them out and usually gets put up if the there are some out drying. Today I let him out while I worked from home. All that was out there on the line was our swim towels, my swimsuit and Grace's so I wasn't too worried. I even flipped the towels across three lines so the dangling material wouldn't be so tempting.

Finally, after several hours of "working from home" upstairs on some Blood Center projects, I came down to see what he had destroyed while I wasn't looking.

Here is the FIRST thing I saw coming towards me...

It took my brain a few seconds to figure out what my eyes were actually seeing.

I cracked up. I went inside to get the camera before rescuing my swimsuit top. Served him right! Thankfully it wasn't any worse for its wear which was LUCKY for him because I really like that suit.

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