Monday, July 12, 2010

Recycled Bag

We have canceled our trash service. We went years without trash service when we lived in Highlandville and recycled as much as we could. Then when we moved out here, recycling became a pain.

It was too far and seemed too inconvenient to take our stuff into Springfield and the recycling center here was WAY too picky about stuff. Only 1&2 plastics, only cans with the labels removed, etc. etc.

So we signed up for trash service and each week happily deposited our bags and other flotsam and jetsam into the very tidy dumpster... for $25 a month.

Finally one day I actually WENT to the recycling center in Marshfield and they told me to bring them what I had and they would take it; paper, cardboard, 1-7 plastic, old clothes, glass, tin, aluminum. What? Really? Cool.

So I got some bins and started sorting stuff and now we are recycling enough that we barely have one or two bags of trash a week. We started using our burn barrel for the stuff we had left over and designated one old trash can for weird things that can't be recycled or burned and will take them to the dump once a year when we have to.

So far so good.

It's only been a couple of weeks but so far there is nothing in the weird, can't recycle can. I'm sure it will come eventually.

I was getting ready to throw the rabbit food bag into the barrel to burn and thought maybe I could make a tote bag out of it.

I'm not a very good seamstress so it's pretty rough but maybe the next one will be better. I'm already eyeballing the chicken feed bag for the next one.

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