Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have been completely consumed with the Twilight Series of books. My friend Dawn and her Mom and daughter all read it and passed it along to me last week. I read the first one Twilight in about 13 hours, 9 hours were solid reading. It was addictive. I'm glad I found it now and not when the first book came out. I hate waiting on authors to publish books! It's a vampire/werewolf series, a genre I haven't read in a long time. It was easy to fall back into love with the topic. I can barely wait for lunch or bedtime so I can read more! I'm a serial reader so I love a good series, that way it's almost like the book never ends.

I've discovered that renting television series' by the season is equally as satisfying. No commercials, instant gratification. It's all good baby. Lost was the BEST that way. I've been renting Saving Grace too and it's a great series as well. A little dark, but lots of possibilities for redemption.

Awww mindless entertainment. You gotta love that.

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