Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Good Pig is Hard to Find

Our pig hunt has been stymied. I've made a dozen calls to vets, feed stores and sundry other leads for a pair of pigs without success this week. I stopped by my Amish friends in Dunnegan last week and located some but I just felt like they were too expensive. $25 each. My friend bought hers for half that. $12 more bucks each is a bag of feed each so we decided not to go up there (it would have cost us $25 more in gas!). Then we were going to go to the sale barn today but I just lost my motivation this morning for some reason. Turns out it was for the best because I called Lebanon, Buffalo and Bolivar's sale barns this afternoon to see what sold and for how much. Lebanon had one 400 lb sow that sold for $28, five mixed pigs about 75 lbs each for $18 each and four more mixed pigs for $15 each. Buffalo had one hog that sold but the lady didn't know for how much and when I called Bolivar's sale barn (the one I had originally planned to go to) I found out from their answering machine they were closed for the month of July! Boy I would have been mad to have gotten there and found that out. It would have been my own damn fault too for not calling ahead. Who knew?

I've been chasing pig leads for a week and I'm too late or too early or just SOL on each one so far. We've decided not to go camping next weekend so we can go to the small animal swap meet at Fordland next Saturday. Lynsey got hers there for $12 each. I'm hoping for similar good luck. I'll bet we can find some bunnies for Grace there too! Oh these acres are getting greener!

Who knew a good pig would be so hard to find? Here's to you Flannery O'Connor.

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