Monday, July 28, 2008


Well after seeking the advice of two farmers, the internet and two books, Bryon castrated our pigs yesterday afternoon. I knew it was probably more than the three of us could manage alone. Those little pigs are fast and STRONG. I didn't think I could hold them down successfully alone, so he called Chris and the boys over to help. Things went pretty well and he got them both successfully castrated.

Bryon had helped our friend Buddy castrate some calves years ago, but he was the holder/helper then. This was his first time as the doer of the deed. He did great. I supervised and video taped it. Grace got a little worried about all the squealing so Tammy took her up to visit the rabbits. Tammy said she asked about 25 questions between the pig pen and the rabbit hutch. She's good now.

Pigs seem to be doing well so far. We bought some Wonder Blue stuff to spray on the wounds to help them heal and keep the flies off them.

It was a big weekend.

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