Sunday, June 8, 2008

Clothes Line

I just hung out to dry our clothes for the first time in 18 years. When Bryon and I first got married in 1990 we moved into my Grandpa Clifton Lower's old rental house out on Hwy 32 on between Fair Play and Bolivar. We didn't have a washer or a dryer so Mom and Dad bought us a new washer at Sam's for a wedding gift. We still didn't have a dryer so I had to hang our clothes out on the clothes line out beside our house. We lived right on the highway so the kids that I was teaching at Fair Play HS drove by on the bus and in their cars and could see all our laundry flying in the wind. Not normally a big deal but I didn't necessarily want the whole world seeing my underwear flying in breeze!

Thankfully now we live in the boonies so only the chickens and pop-in friends will see them. Bryon fixed my clothes lines last weekend and I just now got some clothes out there between rainy days. Out at the house on 32 we had to hang them out year round so there were several days they got rain washed because I didn't get them in before a storm or froze solid on the line. It's nice to have options :)

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