Friday, June 27, 2008

Chicken Update

Well the chicken's are 13 weeks old now and I have two funky chickens. In the past week I've noticed two have developed problems. One of the New Hampshire Reds has a funky leg that looks broken. The knee is totally knocked in. She's getting around but it sure doesn't look very good. She's still roosting too. I think that's probably what happened to her in the first place. I think she might have hurt herself jumping off the roost.

The other chicken with a problem is one of the Americanas. I noticed last weekend one of them has a beak problem. I don't know if it's crooked beak (I never noticed it before) or overgrown beak. So NOW I have to figure out what to do with them. I'm trying to get a chicken consultation for the Americana. I may just try to trim her beak or take her to the vet if it proves too challenging. She's not going to like being handled. It may be a big deal. The crazy thing is I guess I'll have to put her in the cat carrier to get her there if I do take her in. Sort of ironic huh. She's obviously smaller than the other Americana and I have no idea how she's eating with her beak so askew.

We may be having chicken and noodles sooner than I thought.

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