Monday, May 12, 2008

Subscribing to Life

I've been thinking lately that the stages of my life can pretty much be summed up in the magazine subscriptions I've had through the years. I don't remember what my first subscription was but I think I first started choosing what magazines I wanted to read during my early teen years. I remember reading "Tiger Beat "and "Seventeen" getting the scoop on all the teen celebritites like Shaun Cassidy and all those other teen stars and reading about boyfriend problems (like I even had any hopes of having a boyfriend then) and makeup etc. I did collect all those rock posters out of the old heavy metal magazines too. Yes, I had a giant David Lee Roth in extremely tight spandex pants hanging on my wall. I shudder to think of it now, but I adored that nasty guy.

In college I bought "Interview" from the book store all the time. I was a huge tabloid sized magazine. No glossy pages but very New York, high fashion, culture watch stuff. Don't ask me why. I had lofty ambitions then and though I'd live in New York and be a journalist.

Next it was "Entertainment Tonight" a weekly magazine and "Rolling Stone". Wow how those piled up. That was the early 90's. Just married and teaching school. Like I had time to read then. I carried those over into the mid 90's. Then I found the outdoors and hiking so I moved on to "Backpacker", "Outside" and "National Geographic Adventure".

Another move to the farm in Niangua brought "Hobby Farm". Grace brought "Wonder Years", "Family Fun" and "Parents". Now I currently subscribe to "Hobby Farm", "Mother Earth News", "Mary Jane's Farm", "Real Simple" and "Oprah". I've fallen out of love with Oprah though so she's going to get dropped and I've decided I know everything there is to know about parenting that I can get from a magazine so that's going bye bye too.

Once I get interested in a topic or subject I basically submerge myself in periodicals for sustenance and encouragement. I'm feeling pretty farmy and green these days. There's a whole section on the wall at Borders for greenies now. I can feel a change a comin.

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