Monday, July 16, 2007

School Bus Dream

Grace is all about the school buses these days. She REALLY wants to ride one! I thought she was going to get to the last time we went to Silver Dollar City on the way back to the parking lot but we got the trolley instead!

She can pick out a school bus from a LONG way away too! She'll be sitting in the back seat quiet as a mouse and suddenly pipe up "School bus Mama!"

I made the mistake of telling her that when she's big she can ride a school bus. Now everytime I tell her she's getting big she says, "I ride school bus now!" She's relentless too. That girl wants to ride!

Her 3rd birthday is on a Tuesday, Oct. 23 and Bryon is going to see if the bus will stop at our house and pick her up that morning so she can ride to big school (with one of us of course!). She'll go nuts if he can get it worked out! I have a feeling that won't quell here desire to ride but will only likely make her want to do it again, but it will be fun!

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