Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free Mange Mutt

Well the good news is no mange. The bad news is she does have a spectacular case of ear mites and tape worms. Luckily they can both be treated but she won't be getting many snuggles and NO kisses for the next three weeks until the medicine has time to work its magic.

The vet thought she was probably a year to a year and a half old, had surprisingly good teeth for her condition and needed to put on some weight. She weighed in a at a paltry six pounds. She weighs less than either of our cats.

On second thought, maybe I do need to give her some kisses. Perhaps I could benefit from a tape worm. Nothing else is working.

I bought her a cute little pink collar with a bell on it. I had to get a cat collar because her neck is so dang skinny. It's cute listening to her prance around in it.

So far, so good.


  1. Awe, she's precious! I know you'll have her healthy in no time!

  2. She is adorable!! Good for you to take her in.


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