Sunday, April 4, 2010

Honey DID!

It's official.

Bryon has now completed EVERY task on my honey do list... and a few I hadn't even thought of. He's the BOMB!

The past two weeks have been stressful around here (more later on that) and Bryon has been working hard around the farm.

Here's the list of things he did for me and our little homestead...

* COMPLETELY cleaned out the pellet stove and flue and summerized it. All we have to do is fill it up and fire it up this fall!

* Enlarged the garden, built new beds, hauled and spread gravel over the black plastic and Weed X we put down between the beds.

* Planted our garden.

* Total fixed my rabbit hutch with new wire on the bottom so their poop will fall through instead of me having to rake it up into a dust pan with a hoe!

* Fixed the TOP of the rabbit hutch to my liking AND made a door in the back of the thing so I can clean it out easier when I need to AND separate bunnies (boy and girl) if I need to. (So, Yeah, I plan to get a couple more bunnies. Turns out I miss the free fertilizer. Grace wants to name our two future bunnies Flip and Flop again. Seems reasonable).

* Made brand new berry beds AND planted all the berries.

* Totally redid the strawberry bed and planted the new strawberries.

* Mowed the lawn.

* Washed ALL the windows with Grandpa inside and out. Yeah, I know. It's awesome!

* Re-concreted my clothes line posts in the ground better and restrung my line.

* Made a new gate on the garden.

* Wiped down and dusted all the cabinets and wood inside the downstairs and kitchen.

* Helped me clean the house.

* Cleaned up the house construction leftover junk pile and readied it to burn.

* Set up the pig pen in a new spot and PIG PROOFED it even though he doesn't really WANT pigs again :)

I KNOW there was more. I'll have picture soon so you can see the progress.

That's husband ever :)

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