Thursday, October 1, 2009

If You Give A Mom a Muffin

If you give a Mom a muffin,
She's going to need a cup of coffee to go with it.
As soon as she sits down to enjoy the snack,
her dryer buzzer is going to go off.
While she's taking clothes out of the dryer,
she's going to notice the cat box is getting sort of ripe.
When she cleans out the cat box,
She's going to remember she forgot to get the mail today.
As she's walking back from the mailbox, she'll remember
the chickens need to be fed and watered.
On the way back into the house after she feeds the chickens,
she'll observe the floors could really use a good vaccuum.
After she's done vaccuuming,
she'll put wet clothes back into the dryer.
While the clothes are drying,
She'll notice her coffee sitting by the couch getting cold.
She'll ask you to bring her more HOT coffee.
And if you bring her more hot coffee...
Chances are, she's going to want a muffin to go with it.

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