Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Day of School

Yesterday was Grace's first day at big school. Well it was PreK but still, it was at the Niangua Elementary school instead of the church daycare so we call it big school. She's been pretty emotional the past couple of weeks as we counted it down but excited too. We went Tuesday night for "sneak peek" and she got to see her new class room and meet her new teacher Mrs. Duboise. Mrs. D is the tiniest and nicest little teacher I've ever seen. I think they'll all get along well.

Grace asked me why her teacher was so little and I told her that was just how God made her so she could be a preschool teacher. Grace can NOT pronounce her last name so she's just been calling her Teacher. Seems logical.

Grace still isn't too sure of everything, but she should get to ride the school bus in the morning if everything works out. I know WE survived riding the school bus, but I just can't help imagining her getting off that bus at school and not knowing what to do or where to go and since she doesn't speak particularly clearly, I know it will be hard for her to be understood, if she even will speak up.

Where do you draw the line between Mama Cougar Stalky Mom and Mama Free Range Kid?

I hope we find it soon.

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