Thursday, November 13, 2008

No Grace, You Can't Pray to Santa Claus

Last night was my night to put Grace to bed, Bryon and I take turns. We had gotten some our Christmas decorations out (yes I know it's way too early but we are having a party Saturday night and Bryon's family is coming for Thanksgiving so there you go). Grace was excited to put her little tree in her room and redecorate it. I had left all the decorations on it from last year so she asked for help taking them off so she could put them all back on again.

Christmas was heavy on her mind and after we finished reading her books and were rocking for a few minutes she said she wanted to pray.

I said, "Okay, say your prayers."
Grace said, "No you."
I said, "Okay, now I lay me..."
"No, to Santa Claus" she said.
"I want to pray to Santa Claus" she said.
"No Grace, you can't pray to Santa Claus."
"Why not?" she asked?
"Because Jesus gets very angry if we pray to Santa Claus. We can pray about Santa Claus or for Santa Claus, that he stays healthy and happy and safe. But we can not pray to Santa Claus"
"Okay, okay." she said.

I put her into bed and tucked her in and as I was leaving the room she said,
"I'm just going to think about Santa Claus, Mama."
"That would be swell Grace. Goodnight".
"Goodnight," she said "don't let the bed bugs bite."

Amen sister.

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