Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Itchy & Scratchy

This is day 10 of an allergic reaction to Bath & Body's Coconut Lime Verbenea body cream. I've used TONS of their stuff with no problems, but I broke open a new bottle of previously untried lotion last Saturday and BAM. Irritated angry rash all over my legs, hands and lower arms where I had put the lotion and TREMENDOUS itching. It got to the point where the plan was to just scratch until it bled and deal with the consequences. Honestly, it's almost orgasmic to scratch it real hard! Is that wrong?

I finally caved and went to the doctor Friday and got a shot of cortizone and some pills for the itching. Ironically, the pharmacist said the pills were originally used for anxiety so that was supposedly an added benefit. Let me tell you, staying home with a sick 3 year old 4 days will give you anxiety. Honestly I couldn't tell either of the remedies did anything...at all... the itching has subsided somewhat but I'm still not right.

Now I'm paranoid about what I use or want to use in the future. I've had similar reactions in the past to self-tanners. Apparently the DHA is not my friend. I've about decided to go more "natural". A friend is trying to get me to buy Arbonne, but it doesn't look as "natural" to me as they say it is. They say they use minimal chemicals (only those necessary for shelf-life etc.) and far smaller amounts than non European products. Well, all I know is there are just as many things in their ingredients list that I can't pronounce and they are ridiculously expensive. Honestly, even if I could afford $45 for a 7 oz potion, I wouldn't spend it. Insane.

I am much more excited about Faith products. This wonderful lady in Marionville , MO makes the most luscious lotions, bath salts and lip balms. Her products are available on her website at http://www.faithbathandbody.com/ and at several retail locations. She does all the craft shows etc. Anyway I emailed her and asked about ingredients and she said they contain the following : Water, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Emulsifying Wax, ( a vegetable based wax used to bring oil and water together) Strearic Acid (it helps to make the lotion thick) and I use a preservative called Germaben II. Because I use coconut oil (which will spoil) and not mineral oil, I must use a preservative. It is only 1% of the formula, and then of course fragrance, the best quality I can find.

Now unless you just crack open a coconut and slather on the meat I don't see how you can get much better than that. I just wish she made shower gels and hair care products. I've really been inspired by this problem to seek out some alternatives. I'm going definitely willing to switch my product loyalties now :)

My friend Liz is a fan of Kiss My Face and has been for the past 15 years. I'm going to check them out too. http://www.kissmyface.com/ They even list their ingredients on their website and have links to definitions and explanations of each ingredient. Holy Cow, I couldn't even FIND the ingredients to Bath & Body's products except actually on their products and I already gave that lotion away to my Mom. Sorry Mom :(

It's time to take stock and stop mindlessly slathering on every lotion and potion. The immediate cost is too high as it is (rash) no telling what the long term effects are.

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