Monday, June 11, 2007

Bryon is off to the Great White North

Bryon is off fishing until next Friday. Yes that's TWO WEEKS! Holy cow! He called earlier today from the Chrysler dealership in Lincoln with the air conditioner frozen up. They can't fix it in time for him to make it to Canada so he's back on the road. They may have a hot and cold trip to Canada and back! Dang air conditioner! Poor Bryon had a bad start this morning. First thing he went to get into the car to leave (Grace and I were leaving at the same time) and the battery was dead. He'd left the key turned on all night after ejecting his cd's. THEN I drop off Grace and we met at McDonald's for going away breakfast and he wanted a cappachino for the road...machine was broken. I told him bad things seem to come in threes so with the car, he should have nothing but blue skies, big fish and good luck from here on out :)

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